Ukrainian Red Rose 51 Piece
Ingredients: 25 pieces of white roses. (Sort of "Avalanzh") and greens.
5 pink chamomile chrysanthemums.
The name of the bouquet speaks for itself. The bouquet consists of 11 multi-colored
Composition: a bouquet of 7 branches of white eustomas with a violet edging.
Composition: 7 chrysanthemums and green

The composition of 11 multi-colored eustomes
9 Ukrainian red roses in a hat box
11 pink Ukrainian roses in a hat box
19 white ukrainian roses in a hat box.
Flowers in a hat box "41 ukrainian red rose".
15 Ukrainian red roses and 10 Raphaelock in a box.
Composition: 5 eustomas
The bouquet consists of 9 multi-colored alstromeries and greenery
7 pink Ukrainian roses
15 Ukrainian roses (red and pink) and greens.
Bouquet of 7 red Ukrainian roses and 6 white chamomile chrysanthemums.
Composition: 7 red roses.
Ingredients: red roses 9 pcs., Length 60 cm.
Ingredients: 11 roses, cream and parsley.
The bouquet consists of 5 chamomile chrysanthemums and greenery
Bouquet of 7 yellow chamomile chrysanthemums, 5 peach roses, 5 branches of red
11 roses and green
Composition: 2 branches of violet orchid
7 imported red roses
7 white Ukrainian roses.
8 pink and 1 white Ukrainian roses
Composition: 11 multicilored alstromerias
Composition: 29 multicolored roses
Composition: 7 chrysanthemums and green
35 peach roses
Composition: 25 red roses
35 red roses
Composition: 29 white,yellow and pink roses
Composition: 51 red roses
The bouquet consists of creamy carnations, creamy Ukrainian roses, cream shrubs and
Wedding arc
The bouquet consists of white freesia, cream shrubs, rose , and greenery.
Various chocolate bars and candy, decor, basket. If this basket is not available, it can
In the composition: Kinder сюрприз 20 pcs. Kinder bueno - 5 pcs. Basket Bow
Basket: - Cookies 3 packs (each - 150 gr); - A box of English tea (100 gr); -
Basket: Raffaello sweets in a metallic box of 300g, 2 chocolates "Svitoch" in
Kiev cake 850 g. When ordering a cake the day of delivery, 8 March, in the absence of
Bouquet of candies

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