Ways of payment:

payment online

1). Bank transfer, Western Union

2). Online payment system LiqPay via Visa or Master Card. 

Online payment by credit card «VISA» and «MasterCard» through the system «LiqPay» is made in two ways: by ordering on our website (through a basket), and through the page "Payment"

1. Ordering on our website (through the basket)

1.1 Immediately after filling out an order form (to whom, destination addressetc.) on our website you will be offered the opportunity to pay using «LiqPay». You will see a green button "Pay" and logo cards «VISA» and «MasterCard». By pressing this button, you will be redirected to a secure page of «LiqPay». Reliability LiqPay has been certified GoDaddy Secure Web Site, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

1.2. The system will automatically indicate the order number and the amount you need to pay. If you have a bank card in dollars, euros or any other currency, the system automatically exchange the currency at UAH.

1.3. The system «LiqPay» does not charge you a commission.Online store "" pays it.

1.4. You need to enter credit card details (card number, expiration date, CV code on the back of the card), the phone number that you assigned to your bank card (enter the country code, area code and phone number, example 380936582328 "+" in front you do not put a number, it makes the system automatically).

1.5. You will get the SMS with password to confirm the payment, which should come within a few seconds. Enter the password and press "Pay" and then follow the system prompts. The payment procedure takes only a few minutes. At the end you'll see the smile and the words "Payment was successful." You may specify your e-mail and receive a check.

2. Through the page "Payment".

You can also pay via the page "Payment" (you just now are on it). You click below the text on the green button "Pay". Immediately you will be redirected to a secure page of «LiqPay» (service "Privatbank"). In this case, you will need to enter the amount of the order on your own (which previously agreed with the manager of our store). Amounts are in local currency, the system will automatically carry out the exchange of any currency. Next, enter the card details, phone number - follow the instructions of the system. (For more detail all the steps described in paragraphs 1.3 - 1.5 in the section above).

What to do in case of problems with payment

If you have any problems with payment (don’t receive SMS-password, the payment is not successful, and so on) immediately contact the phone numbers listed on the site: +38 (093) 658-23-28, or send an e-mail:


To address the problems with the payment, you can appeal directly to the operators of «LiqPay»

Оплата онлайн через систему LiqPay

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