Chamomile "White Dream"
5 branches of pink chamomile
5 pink chamomile chrysanthemums.
Ingredients: 11 multicolored alstroemeria
Composition: 7 eustomas
Composition: a bouquet of 7 branches of white eustomas with a violet edging.
Composition: 7 Ukrainian white roses
9 multi-colored alstroemerias
11 pink roses, the packaging can be different, at the request of the customer.
Composition: 11 eustomas.
Composition: 11 eustomas
11 white eustomas

How to order flowers bouquet in Cherkasy?

 Dear customer, our site was created foremost in order that you can quickly, easily and at an affordable price order flowers bouquet to Cherkasy for a dear person. You have the opportunity to pick up a bouquet on our site for several parameters. The home page has a vertical bar on the left. In the category of "Occasion" you choose the reason of congratulation (Birthday, Anniversary, Love, Success, Thank you, I'm sorry, Childbirth, Wedding, Get Well). In the category of "To" you specify to whom you want to give flowers: girl / woman, man, family, collective or child. You can also highlight the price - choose a bouquet of up to 300 UAH, from 300 to 600 UAH, from 600 to 1000 UAH and more than 1000 UAH. Due to all these parameters you will choose the appropriate bouquet.
You can also view the photos of bouquets on our site, regardless of any parameters. Collective of flower shop "KVITKA.CK.UA", which is located directly in Cherkasy offers you a wide selection of bouquets from the variety of flowers. Here you can order the delivery of a flower bouquet to Cherkasy as the one sort of flowers: a bouquet from roses, orchids, gerberas, tulips, irises, lilies, chrysanthemums or alstroemerias and so on. These bouquets can be ordered not only to deliver flowers to Cherkasy, but also to send flowers to Uman, Smila, Chornobay or in any other town of Cherkasy region. We use only  fresh flowers for creation of bouquets; in addition, we'll show you how to look after flowers, so that they stood for a long time.
Also you will find on our website a variety of flower bouquets from different sorts and kinds such as bouquets of roses, alstoremerias and green, bouquet of tulips and irises, bouquet of orchids, irises, roses and carnations etc. You can find on our website more than 100 kinds of flowers. In addition, we will add new bouquets every week. We hope that with the help of our site you will order a bouquet of flowers to Cherkasy without problems. To do this, you had to do all three steps: choose a bouquet, fill the order form and pay using the most convenient way for you. The details can be found in the section "Payment".
On your request, the selected flowers can be tied up with a ribbon, or packed into the net, fleece or in film from different colors. You can also change the quantity of flowers and their length. For example, you liked a bouquet from 60 cm. roses. On your request we can replace 60 cm. roses to 80 cm. or to the half-meter.
Flowers delivery to Cherkasy and Cherkasy region is carried out at the specified time. On your request we can deliver a bouquet as soon as possible.

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