Ukrainian Roses
Composition: 7 Ukrainian white roses
Composition: 9 red Ukrainian roses
The bouquet consists of 9 red Ukrainian roses
Composition: 9 red roses
Composition: 9 yellow roses ("Ilios") without a vase
8 pink and 1 white Ukrainian roses
Composition: 11 pink roses. Packing: fleece, net or film
11 white Ukrainian roses cascaded and greens
Composition: 11 red roses ("Grand Prix") and green (gypsophila)
Composition: 11 pink roses
Composition: 11 yellow roses
Composition: 11 Ukrainian yellow roses

Do you want to order a bouquet of roses in Cherkasy inexpensively? It is possible!!!

Do you want to buy something beautiful but also to save the money? Do you prefer roses but do not know what to choose? Then you are to us. There are two types of roses: Ukrainian and imported. They differ in appearance and price. You can choose inexpensive bouquet of roses for every taste: luxurious, lush, elegant, original, one-color or multicolored, round or lined cascade and so on.

Imported rose (from Ecuador or Holland) has a lush and high rosebud. Ukrainian rosebud looks more modest but stands longer. You can order inexpensive bouquet of roses in Cherkasy on our website. You can find here a bouquet for 100, 200, 300 or more hryvnias.

You can look over all the bouquets of roses and its price in the appropriate section "Bouquets of roses." By the way, here you will find bouquets of roses of different colors. You can choose as a bouquet of red roses so a bouquet of white, pink, yellow, cream, orange or roses of other colors in Cherkasy. You can always turn to us for advice and we will help you to make a choice.

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