What to do to keep the flowers longer
It often happens that the living flowers stand in the vase for only a few days and wither. And when ordering the delivery of flowers to Cherkassy, ​​you certainly want the flowers you gave to stand for as long as possible.
After all, if you properly take care of flowers, they can please a person close to you with their beauty for a week or more (depending on the type of flowers). To do this, advise your family and friends to follow certain rules.
First, immediately after receiving a bouquet from the flower delivery service, you need to trim the flower stems. It is advisable to do this under water to avoid clogging the capillaries with air. It is also necessary to remove all the leaves from that part of the flower stem that will be immersed in water.
In addition, flowers should be placed in cool water, at a temperature of 10-15 degrees. If the water is warmer, the flowers will quickly dissolve and fade faster. It would not be bad to change the water in the vase every day and rinse the vase thoroughly - this will avoid the differentiation of the bacteria that provoke rotting of the flower.
It is advisable to wash the flower leaf every day, but it is not allowed to get water on the bud, because it causes flower disease and rotting (especially for roses). On the contrary, washing the leaves, we open them "breathing".
Observing these simple rules, your favorite flowers will long please the person closest to you after delivering flowers.
If you follow all these rules, believe all your flowers will stand a long time.
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